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Digital Sputnik

DS3 Snapbag Set


Number Quantity Description  1210815001  1 x  DoP DS3 Snapbag  5910842101  1 x  2×1 Di user Lens 34/76  5910843101  1 x  3×1 Di user Lens 34/76  1410860801  1 x  Clip Set

Digital Sputnik

DS6 Snapbag set


Number Quantity Description  5910821501  1x  DoP DS6 Snapbag  5910844101  2x  DS6 Di user Lens 34/76  1410860801  1x  Clip Set


Need your Torch magnet to stick to a non magnetic surface? No problem! Order a set of these nifty adhesive black and silver metal plates and mount your Torch to your smartphone or wherever you need some light. Mounts are 1 1/16″ diameter metal disks with an adhesive backing. The LitraTorch™ embedded magnet can be [...]


Port or starboard? This filter set can help you navigate at night or simply add a little color to your scene. Filter set includes: 5 filter frames to fit on a Litra Torch 1 each: red, green, blue, yellow color filters 1 white diffuser filter. *Compatible with both LitraTorch and LitraTorch 2.0