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Astera Tube 24V2A 48W AC/DC power supply/charger 10′ length


Astera LED Charging Case for (8) AX5 LED Par Lights The Astera LED Charging Case for (8) AX5 LED Par Lights is a convenient travel case that also stores your AX5s and charges them as well. Features rubber wheels for easy transport. Charger draws just 4.4 amps at 115VAC.   Holds 8 x AX5 16 x [...]


Astera Lightdrop AX3 LED Charging Case (ONLY) The Astera Lightdrop AX3 LED Charging Case is so convenient. Just place your AX3 Lightdrop LEDs in case and connect charger. Holds up to 8 units. Charger is powered by one 110-220v outlet. Features two fans to keep the units cool. There is extra room in case to fit accessories. [...]