Be the first kid on the block with the new SPECTRUM Series from LITEGEAR.

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Five sizes available, Litemat 1, Litemat 2, Litemat 2L, Litemat 3, Litemat 4. 

This next generation LiteMat takes the best features of the LiteMat line and introduces an expanded Kelvin range with the ability to add accent color through a patented color mixing process. LiteMat Spectrum maintains the unique functionality of the LiteMat series: thin, lightweight, and easy-to-rig, while providing TrueHybrid™ white light that follows the Planckian locus exactly.

“A project that is years in the making, LiteMat Spectrum began with a simple objective: to simplify the complexity of cinematic color mixing,” says Al DeMayo, President and CEO of LiteGear. “It is designed to easily match the white-balance settings of digital cinema and HD cameras.”

LiteMat Spectrum can accurately reproduce any Kelvin temperature of white light between 2000K and 11000K with +/- 8 points of tint correction. It can also augment this white light with 360 degrees of color accents. Saturated color can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth. This unique and patented color process also provides full spectrum desaturation by using TrueHybrid white light to desaturate the color accents.

LiteMat Spectrum also improves post-production workflows as it is the first lighting system to be Certified Color-Space Compliant. By setting the recording format in the dimmer (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, etc.), LiteMat Spectrum will only produce color within that color space. That means no color noise and no data outside the specified gamut.