Key Features 325W RGBW 1×1 LED Panel, 20° Beam Angle Built-In Power Ballast, IP65 2200 to 15000K Color Temperature Range Sync with Cameras up to 5000 fps 5-Pin DMX In/Out, Bluetooth, Ethernet Creamsource Accessory Port, LumenRadio USB Port & Low-Noise Variable-Speed Fans Durable Aluminum & Polymer Design Updated CreamOS with Numerous Effects Includes Yoke & [...]


Magnets Kits are the perfect grip companion for your Astera Titan, Helios and even Hyperion tubes.  All Magnets  have a 1/4″-20 thread and come in two diameters, 43mm and 66mm. Androoki 43mm Small Magnet Kit Includes: (16) 43mm Magnets (2) Pull Handles (1) Carrying Case Androoki 66m Magnet Medium Kit Includes: (16) 66mm Magnets (2) [...]


Power your imagination to create the extraordinary on screen. With an incredibly bright output of over 3000 lux @10ft/3m, Gemini 1×1 Hard delivers the brightest and most accurate 1×1 light ever. Blast through a silk, build layers of diffusion or bounce light off a board, with precision control of hue, saturation, intensity, gels and effects, [...]

CreamSource LED Systems & Kits



Now in stock! The Vortex8 is a versatile 2×1 RGBW system with a CCT range from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a creamy soft light with the Creamsource Dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. Effects and colour gels are built into the latest CreamOS architecture in addition to a range of new features wrapped into an intuitive interface.


CINTENNA 2 RatPac’s new Cintenna 2 ™
- The slimmer, splash resistant wireless DMX Solution. With Tactile Membrane LED Buttons, USB-C Connection and internal antenna. RGB color indicates corresponding universe for a quick visual reference. Offered in four colors: RatPac Blue, Luminous Green, Pure Orange, Granite Grey. FEATURES: CRMX ERROR CORRECTION 128 BIT ENCRYPTION INTELLIGENT FREQUENCY [...]



NYX Bulb Kit


Set of 8 NYX Bulbs with PowerStation, Case and Accessories. Comes with 8 NYX Bulbs, 1 PowerStation, 8 CupBouncers, 8 USBcables, 1 x 48VDC PSU. The first color-tunable LED bulb for professional film, stage and event productions.  Not bigger than a normal LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth [...]

CreamSource LED Systems & Kits

Space X 1200watt RGBAW


Your big light…. DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BIG. Introducing the Space X by Creamsource. 1200 watts of RBGAW, equivalent to a 5K tungsten, cct range 2200k-15000k and weighing only 40lbs with power supply built into the head.  The value is incredible for a fixture in its class which enables the professional to use twice as [...]


The ASTERA 4-Tube [AX1 / TITAN] Kit from MACCAM includes unique cable, hardware and power supply options that makes the ASTERA system more travel friendly and versatile for the location gaffer. Specially designed 5/8” baby pins, DC cable packs and individual power supplies all come together with four tubes in a light-weight zipper-top case.  A [...]


Description: SKYNODE from Cinelex is a USB-powered wireless DMX receiver designed for direct integration with ARRI SkyPanel. Using the common LumenRadio protocol, SKYNODE adds wireless DMX control in a simple plug & play manner. Power is drawn from any 5V USB source, making SKYNODE a practical solution for numerous lights. With ARRI SkyPanel, SKYNODE docks [...]

Great to see our friend and customer @ocufilms featured on @filmlights feed⁠⁠Nanlux lights supplied by MACCAM 🤙🏾⁠⁠⁠#repost ⁠A bts look at "Zombified" by @ocufilms⁠⁠To the right is a @nanlux_global Dyno 650 with an Octodome soft box and to the left is a Nanlux Evoke 1200 into a 4×4 floppy bounce. The Dyno 650 is about a stop brighter than a Skypanel S60 and the Nanlux 1200 is comparable to an M18. ⁠⁠Credits⁠Director: @jensennoen ⁠DP: @justinjonesdp ⁠Producer: @phoenixvaughn, Ruth Devereaux ⁠Executive producer: @frankborin ⁠Prod Company: @underwondercontent & @blesscode ⁠Associate prod: @ashhainzer ⁠@diego_lopezda @samuelgove ⁠Prod Designer: @albinakim__ ⁠2nd Unit DP: @thecamerajesus ⁠1st AD: @tiffanywaxler ⁠2nd AD: @coleboyer20 @non_disclosures ⁠2nd 2nd: Jessica Harris ⁠1st AC: @speiner ⁠1st AC: Caleb Tou⁠2nd AC: @sambasaltun ⁠Camera asst: Kristin Adamczyk⁠Steadicam/ Gaffer: @ocufilms ⁠Key Grip: @mylifeismundane , @userjohnlandry (Disney Ranch)⁠Best Boy Electric @joseph_simpsun ⁠G&E: @nyxboozi91 @binobarbosa @johnchigas @_noahshelton_ @j22juntilla @bodybagg_musik ⁠Creative Consultant: @three60s ⁠Costume Designer: @osumenko ⁠Zombie Makeup Designer: @tarnovetska ⁠VFX: @alextyledetach ⁠Sound FX: Pavel Drach⁠Color: Hanna Pysaranko⁠Balloon Light: @onelightballoons ⁠Scorpio Crane: @anypovcranes ⁠Scorpio Tech: Jesse Williams⁠Techno Crane: @camerasupportburbank ⁠Techno Crane Op: @elifranks.dp⁠Techno Tech: Taylor Fickle⁠Black Arm: @romanmsv ⁠Drone Op: @michael_keeper , @mila_keeper @mili_gevorkyan ⁠BTS: @adamsjoe330, @nicolelemberg⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠#maccam #filmlights #musicvideoshoot #filminla #wesellthose #setlighitng #setlightingtechnician #movieshoot