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ARRI Skylink Overview Go wireless in a studio packed with SkyPanels’ LED Softlights with this blue/silver SkyLink 10 Receivers with Base Station Kit from Arri. It features 10 SkyLink recievers which are installed on the rear of the panels as well as an Edison SkyLink Base Station to create a network and communication hub from which your directions [...]


Don’t worry about wiring DMX cables to each of your SkyPanel fixtures. The SkyLink Base Station from ARRI enables wireless DMX and RDM communication with SkyPanels and enables direct control over the lights from an application for tablets and PCs. The base station is equipped with both a LumenRadio CRMX transmitter and a Wi-Fi chip that permits communication between a [...]


HMI Accessories

Koto Lamp DIS-90H


Koto 9000w Single Ended HMI Lamp Bulb Hot Restrike The Koto 9000w Single Ended HMI Lamp Bulb is hand made in Japan. Features a 2 pin ceramic base. Koto HMI lamps are world famous for long life and durability. Fits: Arri M90 HMI Light Fixture Watt: 9,000 Color Temp: 5600K


By using a SkyLink Receiver from ARRI you can quickly and easily upgrade all your existing SkyLink fixtures to support the LumenRadio CRMX wireless DMX protocol, including remote control via the SkyLink Base Station. This compact device attaches directly to the rear of the light using a 5-pin XLR connector, where it provides wireless DMX512 and RDM communication from [...]