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4x Skynode Receivers 1x Desk TX-8


1x DESK-TX8 Transmitter Desk 1x Antenna 1x Multi-Country AC Adaptor (UK, EU & USA)


Wi-Fi Art-Net to Wireless DMX Converter


1x TRX-V 1x Antenna 1x Multi-Country AC Adaptor (UK, EU & USA)


SkyFi is an Artnet wireless receiver that can be connected directly to a smartphone for lighting control Apps.


The Skynode TX DMX Transmitter uses LumenRadio and can transform any control desk into a wireless system.


1x SKYNODE-RDM Receiver 1x USB-A to Micro-USB Cable


Description: SKYNODE from Cinelex is a USB-powered wireless DMX receiver designed for direct integration with ARRI SkyPanel. Using the common LumenRadio protocol, SKYNODE adds wireless DMX control in a simple plug & play manner. Power is drawn from any 5V USB source, making SKYNODE a practical solution for numerous lights. With ARRI SkyPanel, SKYNODE docks [...]