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DMG Lumiere Accessories



The DOT Round Diffuser is a half globe that magnetically snaps onto the front of Rosco’s DMG DASH LED fixture. This accessory transforms the light from the rectangular DMG DASH into a glowing circle of light – making it perfect for creating eye light, adding a dash of color into a tabletop shot, or for [...]


Key Features 4 DASH Lights with Magnetic Mounts 4 Flat and 4 Dome Diffusers 4 Grids, 4 Gel Holders DMG DASH LINK4, Quad Kit Carrying Case What’s better than a DASH light? Four of them, and that’s what you get with this DMG Lumiere DASH Quad Kit. The kit includes four DASH LED lights each with [...]

DMG Lumiere Accessories



Light bank for the DMG DASH Quad Kit easily mounts with elastic straps directly onto the lights when linked in the quad configuration. Comes with front diffusion MAGIC cloth. All DOP Choice items are made of black neutral fabric. Reflective inside and high quality diffusion cloth. Material: Fabric Metric Size: 39 x 25 x 4 [...]


 Key Features CCT Range: 1700-10,000K CRI/TLCI: 95/90 Color Mode: HSI and XY Color Selector 6-Chip Mixing, 137 Rosco Gel Library Wireless Bluetooth Operation Built-In Battery with 3-Hour Runtime Measures 5 x 3 x 1″ IP54 Weatherproof   SUPERIOR COLOR-MIXING DMG DASH features Rosco’s patented, six-chip MIX® Technology – enabling it to produce the same [...]