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Vortex4 1x1 RGBW LED Light from Creamsource, all-in-one lighting system features a punchy 20° beam producing a whopping 7300 lux at 9.8', full hue/saturation control, 0 to 100% dimming control, and a CRI/TLCI of 95.


The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-800 is a full-spectrum color meter that can precisely measure every kind of light including LED HMI Fluorescent and electronic flash. Its high-resolution measuring system featuring CMOS sensor enables capturing spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed color measurement accuracy. Different than any spectrometer today the C-800’s direct display of values [...]


BUILT ON THE LATEST CRMX TIMOTWO TECHNOLOGY Transmit and receiver wireless DMX from the palm of your hand, MoonLite is compatible with the CRMX Toolbox app for identifying units, monitoring battery status, firmware updates, changing output power and more. Connect your tablet or phone based lighting control software directly via Bluetooth. Small size, built-in battery, and dual [...]


CreamSource LED Systems & Kits

Space X 1200watt RGBAW

Original price was: $6,500.00.Current price is: $4,499.00.

Your big light…. DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BIG. Introducing the Space X by Creamsource. 1200 watts of RBGAW, equivalent to a 5K tungsten, cct range 2200k-15000k and weighing only 40lbs with power supply built into the head.  The value is incredible for a fixture in its class which enables the professional to use twice as [...]

Original price was: $2,215.00.Current price is: $1,993.50.

Stability, rugged construction, flexibility, and control is what Litepanels is all about and the new Gemini 1×1 RGBWW Fixture proves just that. The aluminum-constructed, 12.6 x 12.6 x 4.6″ fixture has multiple lighting modes including CCT, Hue, Saturation, Gel Presets, as well as an effects mode. The CCT color temperature control has six factory presets [...]


***ART7 AsteraBox CRMX  needed to control TitanTube with the Astera App. ***Individual chargers sold separately. Helios boost all the features like the Titan Tube while offering a much smaller format. This allows it to be mounted in areas where a Titan Tube wouldn’t fit and increases portability. Helios Tube has 8 pixels and half the [...]

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ARRI Skypanel S360-C


Call for best pricing! Includes: 1 x S360 Fixture 1 x Carbon Fiber Standard Yoke 1 x Extension cable 1 x Power Supply Unit 1 x Edison Mains Cable


Kit includes: 4x Astera AX1 Tubes 4x Single 48v Power Supplies 4x Custom 25ft Extension Cables 8x Custom Baby Pins 8x Eye Bolts 8x Cotter Pins 8x Astera Clamps 4x Small Kick Stand 1x IR Remote 1x CRMX Astera Box 1x Carrying Case The ASTERA 4-Tube [AX1 / TITAN] Kit from MACCAM includes unique cable, [...]


Creamsource Micro Colour Gaffer Kit (AB Gold Mount) Includes: 1 x MICRO Head 1 x 90W AC PSU 1 x Creamsource Micro Yoke 1 x Creamsource Micro Power Supply Lead 3M 1 x Creamsource Micro Power Supply Mount 1 x Creamsource Micro Lens 60° 1 x Creamsource Micro Lens 20° 1 x Creamsource Micro Lens 100° 1 x Creamsource [...]

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Creamsource Micro Colour Basic Kit Includes: 1 x MICRO Head 1 x 90W AC PSU 1 x Creamsource Micro Yoke 1 x Creamsource Micro Power Supply Lead 3M 1 x Creamsource Micro Power Supply Mount 1 x Creamsource Micro Lens 60°


Description: SKYNODE from Cinelex is a USB-powered wireless DMX receiver designed for direct integration with ARRI SkyPanel. Using the common LumenRadio protocol, SKYNODE adds wireless DMX control in a simple plug & play manner. Power is drawn from any 5V USB source, making SKYNODE a practical solution for numerous lights. With ARRI SkyPanel, SKYNODE docks [...]


-3rd Generation Now Available with V3 Software! Click Here for Upgrade Info What’s new in V3 software:  New Color Temp: 4300K. 50% 3000K and 50% 5600K giving you a new level of 4300K Operating while charging! Ability to update V3 lamps Lengths:        Q5 – 7″ 5 watts – 3,550 mAh LiOn Battery     [...]


Includes: Gemini Fixture with integrated power supply mounting yoke with Jr. Pin, and 3m powerCon cable Call for Special Pricing *Plus, free ground shipping within continental USA and no sales tax outside of California.  


S60-C Manual, Black, with Edison connector


SkyPanel® is available in three sizes: the S120, S60 and S30. The S120 is twice as long as the S60, but weighs nearly the same. Its larger light aperture makes a great soft light even better. Retaining the same features and color tuneability as its smaller counterparts, the S120 consumes less than 400 watts, yet it is [...]


Includes: Astra 6X bicolor light, Manual Yoke, Power Supply and US & EU Power Cords.


ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight (Blue/Silver, Edison) Color Controllable – Tunable White (2,800K – 10,000K) Green-Magenta adjustment and Full RGBW Color Gamut   Includes: SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight Steel Stirrup and 28mm Junior Pin S60 Power Supply Unit (PSU) DC Header Cable (3-pin XLR) PowerCON TRUE1 Mains Cable PSU Rail Mount 1x Standard Diffusion Panel [...]