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Stardust takes industry leading CRMX technology to the next level with the introduction of features for the most demanding situations, setting the standards for Wireless DMX by providing unprecedented control and flexibility. Capable of delivering eight DMX/RDM universes and expanding the function of Cognitive-Coexistence with the new Fleet Alliance*, it has the reliability you trust [...]


LumenRadio Luna


Luna is the essential flex unit that gets the job done, being able to transmit or receive one universe of DMX. Featuring the same reliable CRMX as all other devices from LumenRadio it also features Bluetooth connectivity in a compact and rugged format. By using LumenRadios CRMX Toolbox App it is possible to configure all [...]


LumenRadio Aurora


Aurora is the flexible CRMX transceiver with a multitude of connectivity options, powerful enough for single universe transmissions as well as being a receiver packing the most advanced features. Capable of transmitting or receiving one universe of DMX/RDM, it is the flexible unit that can also move between universes. The enhanced radio design allows for [...]


The LumenRadio CRMX Outdoor RX, part of their CRMX Outdoor™ series, is an IP67-rated receiver for one full DMX/RDM universe of up to 512 channels being transmitted by a CRMX transmitter. The CRMX Outdoor RX features compatibility with DALI and DSI, making it a part of the first product range for wireless DALI/DSI truly designed [...]


Part of the LumenRadio CRMX Outdoor™ lineup, the CRMX Outdoor Flex, can be configured as either a transmitter, receiver, or repeater for one full DMX/RDM universe of up to 512 channels. When setup in transmitter mode, all supported Ethernet protocols can be used as both input and output. When setup in receiver mode, it can [...]


LunenRadio’s CRMX Nova™ TX2 RDM is a DMX/RDM transmitter for two DMX/RDM universes of up to 1024 channels at maximum refresh rate. With extensive support for Ethernet based protocols, it can not only transmit any protocol to listening CRMX receivers, but also act as a wired protocol converter at the same time. Any protocol, both [...]


BUILT ON THE LATEST CRMX TIMOTWO TECHNOLOGY Transmit and receiver wireless DMX from the palm of your hand, MoonLite is compatible with the CRMX Toolbox app for identifying units, monitoring battery status, firmware updates, changing output power and more. Connect your tablet or phone based lighting control software directly via Bluetooth. Small size, built-in battery, and dual [...]